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Inspired. Inclusive. Influential. Our Youth Ministry is committed to these 3 things to ground everything that we do based on Acts Chapter 2. 1. First we want to be sure that through prayer and the sacraments we are Inspired by the Holy Spirit in all of our efforts in evangelizing youth. (Acts 2:1-4) 2. Second we want to be open and inclusive to all of the young people in our area, no matter their culture, or where they are in their journey of faith. (Acts 2:5-11; 42-46) 3. Third we want to be influential with the love of Christ in our family, schools, work, and community. (Acts 2:40-41; 47) We believe Youth Ministry is not just a "group" in the parish but is an effort to engage young people into the life of the parish through various "spheres of influence". These are currently identified as Jornada(JSM), Religious Education(Confirmation), Salve Regina Catholic Academy(Middle School)", Altar Servers, and Young Life Wyld life.


Youth Group Nights: Jornada runs most Friday nights in the parish office (upstairs) from 7-9 PM with music, games, talks, discussions, and prayers. Nights of Encounter: Collaborating with Religious Education, we run five times a year and provide an evening where teens can engage with teaching that leads to deeper prayers before the Blessed Sacrament.

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Contact Name: Brandon Morel

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284, Warwick Street, New York, 11207, United States.

284, Warwick Street, New York, 11207.

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