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Parish Description

We are a young adult-based youth ministry from Holy Trinity Parish in Whitestone, Queens. The MVPs and VIPs were founded 14 years ago by Tom Lynch, who remains the leader and Youth Minister of the program. We are committed to serving others with our hearts through prayer, Our hands through action, and our feet by walking with Jesus. The Mission is Very Possibly as we continue to keep our Vision in Progress: MVPs & VIPs


The name MVPs and VIPs serve as inspirational messages, Mission Very Possible and Vision In Progress. We are a service-based Youth Ministry, focused on carrying out the corporal works of mercy. We engage young adults in serving others – whether it be the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the elderly, those with special needs, and many more. The work we do impacts thousands of individuals and families on a yearly basis. We offer a wonderful opportunity for community service for young adults from 6th grade through college and beyond. We provide a safe environment for young adults to make lifelong friends who share similar values and ideals. We have a very diverse group of kids, and everyone is welcomed. We are all-inclusive and allow no bullying and/or intimidation. Everyone is equal no matter their skills and talents. The participants of this program are widely recognized for scholarship and merit awards from high schools and universities alike. We typically meet as a group every other Sunday at Holy Trinity, and, on occasion, we travel locally for service projects. A few of the things we do annually: • Keep multiple food banks filled • Help the Bowery Mission • SouperBowl of Caring – we have raised over $50,000 for local food banks • Clothing drives • Treats for Troops • Adult special needs game days • Provide workshops for the youth on topics that are timely and important • And many, many more

Contact Info

Contact Name: Tom Lynch

Contact Email: mvpvipholytrinity@gmail.com

14-51, 143rd Street, New York, 11357, United States.

14-51, 143rd Street, New York, 11357.

January Youth Holy Hour
This is a very special Holy Hour as we are being joined by the WYD Pilgrims for a Reunion!
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Spring Diocesan Confirmation Retreat
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