Be Filled Retreat

Thursday, March 14.


San Damiano Mission

85, North 15th Street, New York, 11222, United States.

85, North 15th Street, New York, 11222.

Join @shalomnewyork at the exciting “Be Filled” retreat! Embark on a 4-week ‘Life in the Spirit’ Seminar every Thursday🚀

Be Filled The Shalom Catholic Community in Brooklyn invites you to join Be Filled, a weekly retreat happening every Thursday from February 29th to March 21st, where you can experience the endless love of God who is your Father, and the joy and life-giving power of the Holy Spirit.

This weekly retreat is open to anyone and everyone – all cultures, ages, and religious beliefs are welcome! What is the goal of this open retreat? To lead you to an experience with the everlasting love of God that forgives all things and makes us born again. What time will the meetings start? From 7:30 to 9 pm.

March 14 – Unshakable joy: a talk about God and His promises for you (Praise and worship + Talk + Effusion of the Holy Spirit), followed by a social at the SH NY Space

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us at our Instagram: @shalomnewyork or email: Peace out!

📍 85N 15th St
👉 San Damiano Mission
🕰️ 7:30 pm

Let’s journey together toward a life filled with the Holy Spirit 🔥